Authors of Interest

Scott Johnson
Like horror? You'll love Scott.

Nicole Peeler
Fabulously hysterical friend, teacher and author of the Jane True urban fantasy series.

Sharon Mignerey
Award winning inspirational romance and mystery writer, friend and fellow SHU student

Candy Lyons
Writer of exquisitely detail contemporary and historical romance with a paranormal twist. Friend and fellow SHU student.

Diane L. Kowalyshyn
Fellow SHU grad, friend and writer of high-stakes adventure tales.

Ann Laurel Kopchik
Fellow SHU student, friend and fantasy author.

Meg Mims
Friend and fellow SHU student who is currently working on a lighthouse mystery set in beautiful coastal Michigan.

KL Grady
My friend, fellow SHU student and distributor of sarcasm and Navy wit, KL Grady, is one of five authors contributing to this blog.

Timons Esaias
Fantastic instructor in the SHU WPF program. Writer of award-winning science fiction.

Victoria Thompson
Author of the Gaslight Mystery series and SHU WPF instructor.

Lee McClain
YA writer and teacher in the WPF program at SHU.

Michael A. Arnzen
Award winning writer of horror, suspense and thrillers. Instructor in the SHU WPF program.